BETONIQ believes that having a home is the foundation for people to find true happiness, a cradle for ambition and future oriented development. BETONIQ believes that they can make a significant contribution to create access for everybody to live in a solid, safe and affordable house and to let people create their own home base.

BETONIQ focuses on Sub-Saharan Africa and the only way to achieve the solid, safe and affordable housing is The only way to reach the required price-quality level for mass housing is to optimize the construction method at all possible factors. By using uncompromized and optimized housing designs in relation with the best and globally applied production methods, BETONIQ proves that using precast concrete production factories is – by far – the most effective way to get there.

One of the largest blights facing the sub-Saharan countries of Africa is the gap between the rich and the poor. Nowhere is this more apparent than the chronic shortage of affordable housing in all of these countries. This shortage of housing has been exacerbated in recent years by the surge in economic development of most of the Sub-Saharan African countries which has meant an expanding middle class. This newly formed demographic wants nothing more than a home to call their own, but the lack of affordable housing and housing solutions has pushed the supply/demand demographics to the demand side, meaning that prices for available housing has skyrocketed, pricing many out of the market. Because of this, BETONIQ envisions the best way to build large amounts of houses, and train and employ many people in the process.

The shortage of housing in Africa is an immense problem. The shortage of affordable housing units in Nigeria is at this moment almost 20 million homes according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). We have calculated that an additional production of 2,000,000 units per year in Nigeria, each year until 2100, would be just enough the solve the backlog and keep up with the unprecedented population growth. The population of Nigeria will grow from 200,000,000 now to about 750,000,000 in 2100. Would all these houses be produced by large BETONIQ factories, Nigeria could use 350 large factories to produce a total of 2,000,000 houses per year.

  • Unique mass production, fully from a precast concrete factory, manufacturing and assembling all complete finished elements for construction of houses and infrastructure.
  • Deliver volume up to 2,000 affordable units annually per small factory, 6,000 per large factory.
  • Employ and train up to 420 local people directly per small factory, 1,250 per large factory.
  • No compromise on quality, deliver EU standard, African pricing.
  • Deliver eco friendly solutions for solar electricity, water purification, waste management and sewage.
  • Deliver a high quality living space, with parks, pools, children's playground, sports facilities, green belts.
  • Keep cultural heritage of community where possible.

To ignite affordable mass housing in Sub-Saharan Africa, the first step is to produce high quality houses at EU-standards but with African prices. Houses that are suited to be collateralized. Affordable means that people who currently can get a mortgage also can afford to buy a house. Once that group is serviced well, rental must be applied. With proof that investing in BETONIQ apartments provides a solid return on investment based on proper real estate collateral, foreign investors can really boost mass housing in this region.

Traditional construction has proven to be incapable to increase quality and lower price at the same time. We can only reach the required price-quality level for mass housing if we optimise the construction method at all possible factors: like the production process, use of materials, quality control, project finance, project development, risk management and so on. By using uncompromised and optimized housing designs in relation with adequate production methods, BETONIQ proves that using precast concrete production factories is the best way - by far - to get to the required price-quality level that is needed to fill the gulf in this sizeable market.

"Beton" (meaning "concrete" in French and German) is a building material that is widely accepted due to its high quality, long lifespan and minimal impact on the environment. Concrete is also the most suitable material for efficient mass production which makes it the best option to solve the housing shortage in African countries.

In the BETONIQ concept, the use of materials is handled as efficiently as possible while reducing on-site work as much as possible at the same time. Houses that are produced in a factory need less cement and less rebar compared to houses that are built on the site, and will also have concrete that is up to 3 times stronger than concrete poured on-site. Because all fittings (tubes, switches, electricity and light sockets) and door and window frames are placed and checked in the factory before concrete is poured in, and all finishing (tiles and exterior paintwork) is applied in the factory, on site work is reduced maximally and quality and speed increases.

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