The only way to reduce price and increase quality and speed at the same time is by reducing as much as possible on-site work and bring it to a factory where efficiency is optimized, quality can be monitored and waste can be reduced to almost zero %. Wall-, floor- and roof-panels are produced in the factory. All fittings for light, water, locks and hinges are all placed exectly where needed. And finallay all panels are painted with the best suited paint in perfect conditions. LED light fittings are casted into the concrete. By using 3D printed moulds the wall panels are given structures that give the facades unique appearences. Logistics of all needed materials and logistics from the factory to the construction site is also optimized to minimalize any delays in the construction process. This method is clearly the best way to create high quality and very afffordable mass housing realized.

Technical Partnership With EBAWE
Ebawe from Leipzig (Germany) is a worldwide technical as well as market leader in precast concrete machinery. Each year Ebawe installs about 20 large plants of similar design, mainly in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. The construction of a small factory will take about 11 months. Ebawe will send specialists to the factory on-site in Sub-Saharan Africa, to install the machines and help operating the factory in the first months of production.

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