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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Get Control Over My Own Identity
  2. Why Should We Want to do This?
  3. Why is This Possible Now?
  4. Why Create a Mountain of Proof?
  5. How to Create a Mountain of Proof?
  6. Why do I Need to Show my "Bio-Metric" Features?
  7. Can the ID-Card be Forged?
  8. Does the ID-Card Affect Your Privacy?
  9. What Happens With people That Are Forced to Get a New Identity?
  10. How do I Create my ID-Card?
  11. How do I Generate my New ID-Code and Final ID-Card?
  12. What do I do When the ID-Code and ID-Card Get Outdated?
  13. What is a Public ID-Code List?
  14. What is a Private ID-Card List?
  15. My Browser Doesn't Seem to Work

1. How to Get Control Over My Own Identity goto top

The only way to get control over your identity, is by using a system that is fully independent from governments, banks, big tech companies or other centralized organizations. Because you alone are fully responsible for creating and managing your identity card and codes, we can truly call it a Self-Sovereign Identity. This identity system works in 3 steps: The first step is that you generate your own ID-Card and generate your ID-Code. You do this by using our free software that is available on this website. The second step is spreading your ID-Card and ID-Code among your family and friends. The third step is using your ID-Card and ID-Code in interactions with other people. The best way to spread your ID-Card is when you actually meet people, so they can instantly check if your card is accurate. Your ID-Code and your Public ID-Code-List can be exchanged when you meet new people, in reality or online. When your features change substantially in the future, you should update your card. This is also a procedure that you can do on this website and is also fully autonomous.

2. Why Should We Want to do This? goto top

All around the world, people are increasingly dissatisfied about governments and banks. Wealth is transferred especially from the middle class to the wealthy top 0.1%. Banks are controlled by the super-wealthy and basically control all governments with it. Through centralized passport and birth-certificate systems, governments control "their people". People are tired of bailing out failing banks or paying high taxes because their governments can't pay for the money it has borrowed. Everyone knows that most of the borrowed money goes to bank-management, shareholders and government officials. People in these positions often make sure their personal bills are paid first. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, governments will start losing control over the financials of "their people". With a Self-Sovereign Identity, people can extend this and really join decentralized financial systems that don't need governments or banks. ONLY with a Self-Sovereign Identity, people can create an inclusive digital and globally decentralized society. A society that is controlled by the people instead of a very small group of entitled people.

3. Why is This Possible Now? goto top

Many people have smartphones, or know somebody that has one. This means that every living person is now able to create their our own digital document. What also happened is that we now have a method to digitally secure these documents. This method is so strong, that it impossible to forge this document. This method is called "Hashing". Like Bitcoin, we use a small piece of software that is called SHA256, which stands for a 256 bits Secure Hashing Algorithm. We use it to secure the ID-Image that you can create in our Self-Sovereign Identity program. Once your ID-Image - with all the information you can gather on the home-page - is ready, this program will use your image to secure it for you.

4. Why Create a Mountain of Proof? goto top

When you really want to create your own Self-Sovereign Identity, no big institute (like a bank, government or phone company) should have any role in this. This means it must be made very easy to create your own ID-Card. It also needs to be TOTALLY FREE so everybody can do this without any problem. The next question is: How do you prove that your identity is genuine? We used to put all our trust in the government or banks to be diligent about our identity. In many cases this trust is misplaced. Especially when governments or banks withdraw the identities of people, or freeze their accounts. Just when they feel there is reason to do so. Instead we KNOW that the only people that you can really trust, are your family and friends. Off course is it possible that a family member or friend stops confirming your identity. With the history you will build with your Self-Sovereign Identity (of logged emails, phone-calls, financial transactions and other digital interactions) these past friends are not able to ignore that they have previously interacted with you. This means that it will be impossible for these people to not acknowledge your identity. When you use your ID-Code in all your interactions, you create a massive mountain of proof that proves your identity beyond any doubt. It is quite obvious that this mountain of proof is much stronger than a position in a database of a bank or government.

5. How do You Create a Mountain of Proof? goto top

Every time you interact with somebody, you can store the ID-Code of the other person in your address book with the name of that person. The other person will do the same. This way you will build a long list of codes pretty soon. If you meet a person for the first time you can ask the person to copy his ID-Card to you. With it, you can check the pictures and other features and you can run the SHA256 algorithm on it to check if the ID-Code is correct. But you still don't know if the other person has built a mountain of proof. To check this, you can compare your ID-Code lists. You can hide some codes from your list if you don't want people to know who you all have met, but to show your family members shouldn't be a problem. Once you see you have a match, you can now contact that matching person to ask some more information, if that is what you want. Especially when you would do a financial transaction with the other person, this could be important.

6. Why do I Need to Show my "Bio-Metric" Features? goto top

People are told not to trust each other, but only trust the government and banks with their "biometric" features like fingerprints, iris-scan or DNA-sequence. You are made to believe that you can't trust anybody else, because other people might abuse your biometric data to commit a crime and blame it onto you. But when everybody exposes their biometric data, all systems and investigators need to be sure that "evidence" wasn't copied and planted in the first place. If you are still somewhat insecure about that argument, you can still decide to only give a copy of your ID-Card to a few people you can really trust. It should be assuring that it is impossible to derive anything from your ID-Code and you can use that code anywhere.

7. Can the ID-Card be Forged? goto top

A person could take all his own pictures and put your name above it and this way try to steal your Identity. The problem this imposer has, is that it will be difficult for him to build a mountain of proof. He must be able to show his list of ID-Codes he has gathered in time, and if there is nobody there, you can really start to doubt that person's identity and be careful, for example, to do a financial transaction. It is not possible to make an ID-Card that generates the same ID-Code that another person is using. The chance that you can do that is infinitely small. Even with all the computing power on earth, it will take billions of years to achieve this.

8. Does the ID-Card Affect Your Privacy? goto top

Because you entirely control your ID-Card, you manage the way it affects your sense of Privacy. We advise you to only use your name and relevant biometric data> We don't advise you to use your address, country, telephone number or email address. Important is that a person that is standing next to you can verify beyond any doubt that the person that is depicted on the ID-Card is the same person that is standing next to him. People that you have met, but that you don't want to be associated with, you can simply leave out of your public ID-Code lists.

9. What Happens With people That Are Forced to Get a New Identity? goto top

Everybody, anywhere, needs to start with their Self-Sovereign Identity. This means that at any moment, you can step out and abandon your mountain of proof. You create a new ID-Card and start all over again. This will however also mean that you need to abandon all the benefits of your previous card. If necessary, you can even decide not to use your fingerprints of DNA code if that will make you more comfortable. Off course you can also decide to not make an ID-Card at all, it's all up to you. That's why it is called a full Self-Sovereign Identity system.

10. How do I Create my ID-Card? goto top

You start with collecting 9 pictures:

  • your face (frontal)
  • your face (from the side)
  • your full body
  • a closeup of one of your eyes
  • one picture that shows one or two fingerprints (use ink to do that yourself)
  • the face of your father (if available, if not just leave empty)
  • the face of your mother (if available, if not just leave empty)
  • an extra picture of you (for example when you were young)
  • another extra picture of you (for example when you were young)

The next thing to do is to see if you have information available of your blood type, and some people will possibly even have a DNA sequence of themselves. DNA could be important to identify people if a disaster struck them. In the future there possibly will be devices that can identify your DNA very fast, which could be made practical. The other data - like your name, your birthday, gender, length, the color of your hair and eyes and special features as scars, tattoos, broken teeth - will be easy to enter. Then you have a dropdown-box where you can choose "DNA", "ID-Code Father", "ID-Code Mother" and "ID-Code01 to ID-Code16". What you do is that you choose in that list the item you want to enter, should you have your DNA code, or the most recent ID-Code of your father or mother. The ID-Code01 to ID-Code16 are your own ID-Codes if you are creating a new ID-Card. When you have never used your ID-Card you leave all those positions empty. If you however have used an ID-Card before, and you want to update it, you must use these positions to enter your all your previous ID-Codes that you have used. You only should create an update of your ID-Card, if people can hardly recognize your pictures, for example because of ageing. You can do this a maximum of 16 times, which makes it important to use your ID-Card as long as possible.

When you have gathered all this information, you enter all data in the HOME screen. You must make sure you enter as much accurate information as possible. You use the buttons under the pictures to go to a special screen where you can look for your pictures by using the "Load Image" button. With your mouse you can position your picture and with the scrollbar, or your mouse-wheel, you can position and scale your picture within the square in the middle of the picture. When you use the "Use it!" button in the top right of the screen, you will return to the home-screen and your picture will appear on your ID-Card. You repeat this for all the pictures.

Make sure your local time is set properly! The time displayed on your ID-Card is GMT-time which means it is not your local time and can differ several hours from your local time.

11. How do I Generate My New ID-Code and Final ID-Card? goto top

After you've entered all the pictures and other identification data, you need to check very good if everything is OK. Make sure that all your previous ID codes are entered properly and that there are no errors. If everything is OK the "Finish" button will be enabled. Once you click that button the magic starts! The process will take about 10 seconds or 1 or 2 minutes depending on the speed of your device. If you still are not satisfied with your ID-Card, you can use the "Home" button to return to the home-screen and do some corrections. Until you distribute your ID-Code or ID-Card, you can change your ID-Card as much as you like, until you are satisfied with it. Note that every time you use the "Finish" button, your SHA256 ID-Code is different. This is because the Date-Time stamp on your ID-Card has changed, because some time has passed.

12. What do I do When the ID-Code and ID-Card Get Outdated? goto top

The first thing you should do is to download your ID-Card (with the Download-button above it. Make sure it is the last version. If you have downloaded the files multiple times the system ads "(1)" or "(2)" etcetera to the filename. Make sure you take the most recent one and delete all the older ones. You can remove the "(1)" or "(2)" from the filename if you like. Then you can copy your ID-Code to the clipboard and paste it somewhere, where it is secure. It is important to use the Email-button. The Email-button will start your Email program and prepare a default email. First you should attach the "ID-Card.png" file you just downloaded to the Email. The ID-Code is already in the body of the Email. The next thing is that you change the "Addressed To" field to your own Email address. Once you attached the 2 files, and changed the Email address, you can send the Email to yourself. You can also send it to your family and best friends, so they can become part of your Mountain of Proof.

13. What is a Public ID-Code List? goto top

Once your ID-Card and ID-Code are ready, you can start distributing it to your family and friends. This means you will also receive these ID-Cards and ID-Codes. What you do, is that you put them in lists. The first list is the 'Public ID-Code List'. This is a list that is without the actual ID-Cards and only shows the ID-Codes of people you know and of whom you are comfortable with to share with new people you meet. By comparing the ID-Code List you can see if you have people in your lists that you both know. If that is the case, you can now contact these people, if you would like to find out if the person you just met is trustworthy.

14. What is a Private ID-Card List? goto top

Your best friends and family members will get your ID-Card, so they are able to vouch for you or what they could use to identify you if you had an accident where identification would be difficult. Basically, distributing your ID-Cards, is the most important step to establish your mountain of proof!

15. My Browser Doesn't Seem to Work goto top

Especially the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser will not work properly. This is because important script features are not supported by Microsoft.