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The BETONIQ Internal website is our Intranet facility that is only available for BETONIQ Personnel with a "" login account to enter it.

Here all our colleagues can be found, all information about how the organization works is displayed, and all information about Internal Procedures and other internal systems, documents and training programs are available here.

By typing a persons name, telephone-number or e-mail address on the Search Page, you will find the pages on the intranet where this person is present. On the department-pages you will also find the picture of this persons face and the job-description of their position. Per Assignment is clarified what the exact position in the organization is and what mandates, obligations and responsibilities every position holds.

If you however want more information about persons and assignments, please contact your HR and Administration department.

In the BETONIQ Organization Chart you'll find links to all the different (job)positions in the BETONIQ organization.

We hope you will like this internal site and find the information you need on these pages that are kept up-to-date with a lot of effort. Nevertheless, should you encounter wrong or missing information, please go to the Wi01 Problem Registration page, or click here to email you remarks to the Quality Manager.

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