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Quality Manager

Appointed Position
The Quality Manager is an appointed assignment that has to be executed besides the prime assignment of the Quality Manager. The Quality Manager is appointed by the Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. for a period of at least one year.

Job Purpose
The Quality Manager designs, maintains and constantly improves the Quality System of the entire BETONIQ organization. The Quality Manager is directly responsible for the Quality System of the BETONIQ Factories Ltd. organization, all other BETONIQ Holdings and of all BETONIQ Factories. For these factories, the quality manager works close together with the QA/QC Managers of those factories. The goal of the Quality System is to present a general description of all important company procedures, work instructions, standardized forms and overviews so all employees are able to operate in a general, controlled manner. With this system human error will be reduced and an ongoing system of improving the company is running. The Quality Manager collects remarks regarding errors or improvement possibilities in this system and creates solutions to prevent that these errors will happen again and also tries to integrate the proposed improvements in the system. In this process the Quality Manager gives feedback to the involved persons on the proposed improvements.

Position in the organization

BETONIQ Factories Ltd. Board
Quality Manager
QA/QC Managers

Tasks and Obligations
Develops, implements, maintains and improves the BETONIQ Quality System. Creates improvements in the Quality System and present these to the board. Presents feedback to the involved persons regarding improvements.

No employee is mandated to order goods nor enter into obligations/contracts without a budget approved and signed by the Board of the BETONIQ Entity where is clearly stated that this person is entitled to order goods or enter into obligations/contracts within that budget. Budgets can be applied for using “Wi08 Budget Management and Contracts”.

Skills and Qualifications
  • University and years of significant experience in the setup and operation of similar companies. Also specific know-how and experience with Quality Systems is required.
  • Dynamic nature of the work environment requires willingness and ability to contribute through lifelong learning to the job completion at the required level.
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills are needed.

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