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Department: HR & Administration

The CFO of the BETONIQ JV is responsible for the "HR & Administration" department.

In the "HR & Administration" department, all matters of the build-up and maintenance of the BETONIQ workforce are dealt with.

The "HR & Administration" department consist of:
  • The HR Manager that controls the department;
  • HR Coordinators that process all information of the BETONIQ workforce, filter and sort issues on importance and transfer issues to the regarding managers;
  • HR Timekeepers that deal with all workforce scheduling issues;
  • The IT-technician that deals with all soft and hardware issues of BETONIQ next to the IT-work of the factory soft and hardware;
  • Office Assistants that support the BETONIQ office answering/transferring phone-calls, handling physical mail etcetera.;
  • Receptionist that runs the entrance desk of the BETONIQ office;
  • Office Cleaners that clean the BETONIQ office.
Together, the "HR & Administration" department sees to it that BETONIQ job-vacancies are filled and that employees have a counter where they can go to with question of their Jobs.

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