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MTG13 Agenda BETONIQ Factories Ltd. - Employee Evaluation Meetings

The Employee Evaluation (Year-end Interviews) have a one-way character where the manager present their evaluation of the performance of the Employee and the Employee reactions to these remarks. In the last week of November of each year, the Financial Controller and the Design Manager organize Year-end Interviews with their personnel. All reports of these meetings will be transferred to the CEO in the first week of December. In the second and third week of December of each year the CEO organizes Evaluation Meetings with the Financial Controller and the Design Manager. These meetings are partly based on the input of the Employee Evaluation Reports of the week before. The CEO can transfer these Meetings to other Chief Executives if necessary.

Attending persons: Financial Controller or Design Manager and people of their department (Staff Department and Design Department) individually.
Frequency: 1x per year (last week of November).

Agenda BETONIQ Factories Ltd. - Employee Evaluation Meetings (Download here)

Employee Input & Goals Meetings have a more two-way character. The Manager and the Employee both talk about their performance and the performance of the other party and discuss what both parties could do to improve performance on both sides.

1 Opening and Announcements
1.a Approval of the minutes of this meeting will be done directly after the minutes are made.
1.b Changes in the Organization.

2 Assessment
2.a Assessment of Performance by Employee.
2.b Response of Employee to the Assessment.

3 Actions
3.a Proposed Actions to Improve the Performance of Employee.
3.b New targets for the employee.
3.c Salary Consequences.

4 Other Business and Closing
4.a Other Business.

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