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MTG10 Agenda BETONIQ Factories Ltd. - Annual Strategy Meeting

In the BETONIQ Factories Ltd. - Annual Strategy Meeting, the most important subjects that influence the entire BETONIQ organization are discussed. This meeting uses all information of the last year as well as recent employee evaluations, as a basis for the strategy of the next year. It looks at the strategy of the previous year to assess if goals are reached and - if not - what to do about it. It also uses the Annual Design Strategy and the Annual Strategies of the BETONIQ JV's as input for the overall strategy. The minutes of this meeting is distributed among the management of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and the Board of Directors of all the BETONIQ JV's and other BETONIQ Entities.

Attending persons: All members of the Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd..
Frequency: 1x per year (January: this should be apart from the board meeting of January).

Agenda BETONIQ Factories Ltd. - Annual Strategy Meeting (Download here)

1 Opening and Announcements
1.a Review of Strategy Plans of BETONIQ JV’s.
1.b Review of previous Strategy Plan BETONIQ Factories Ltd..

2 Evaluations
2.a Evaluation Management.
2.b Evaluation Staff.
2.c Evaluation Design.
2.d Evaluation Funding process until now.
2.e Evaluation Entire Organization.
2.f Evaluation Expansion.

3 Strategies
3.a Employment Strategy.
3.b Shares / Articles of Association Strategy.
3.c Acquisition Budget Strategy.
3.d Project Budget Strategy.
3.e Additional Budget Strategy.
3.f Product Development Strategy.
3.g Quality System Strategy.
3.h Risk Management System Strategy.
3.i Other Strategies.
3.j Planning Strategy.
3.k Overall Funding Strategy.

4 Other Business and Closing
4.a Other Business (round table question).

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