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MTG07 Agenda BETONIQ JV - Project Preparation Meeting

Before the building permit is issued, the Project Managers and Senior Project Manager discuss the gathering of all necessary information plus the optimization of the project. The Project Managers informs the Real Estate Agent regarding the progress and (optimized) details of the projects. After the building permit is issued the Production Supervisor, Production Planner and Production Surveyor will also attend the Project Preparation Meeting to discuss the proper preparation steps the project needs. Both as is described in Pr2 Production. Once the first precast element is transported to the site, the Project Preparation Meeting can decide to bring frequency down or even stop this meeting. The first meeting will be logged as Startup Meeting.

The Minutes of the Projects Meetings are written by the Project Managers and are distributed within 3 days after the meeting. The General Manager, the Board of Directors of the BETONIQ JV and the Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. always receive a copy of the minutes.

Attending persons: Attending persons: Project Managers, Senior Project Manager, the Production Supervisor, the Production Planner and the Production Surveyor and - if they wish to be present - the General Manager and members of the Board of Directors of the BETONIQ JV.
Frequency: 1x per week.

Agenda BETONIQ JV - Project Preparation Meeting (Download here)

1 Opening and Announcements
1.a Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.

2 Organization
2.a Distribution of work.

3 Contracts and Approvals
3.a Pending Contracts and Approvals.

4 Timetable
4.a Timetable.

5 Design
5.a Optimization Design.

6 Production Preparation
6.a Production Preparation.

7 Financial Details
7.a Financial Details.

8 Other Business and Closing
8.a Other Business (round table question).
8.b Next meeting.

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