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Wi04 Relation Management

The purpose of this work instruction is to organize the name and address data of the relations of the BETONIQ organization in a central database so colleagues of BETONIQ can use this information together, data can be kept up-to-date easier and mailings can be organized far more efficient.


When to enter a person in our personal contacts list?
All new external relations (clients, government employees, supplier and investors) that are met by BETONIQ employees or who we receive mail or email from or even phone us, should be entered in the Personal Contacts List of the BETONIQ Employee. Everyone can decide if it is useful to share the new contact with other BETONIQ employees and export the contact data to a google.csv file and send that file to the Office Assistant (see below: Instructions to export and send a contact record).

How to enter a new person in our personal contact list?
To enter the contact data of a person in our personal contact list, we use the Contacts page of the BETONIQ GMail application. This section can be found under the red MAIL button:

[PICTURE] In a "New Contact" record at least the basic name and email information will be stored (that is mandatory). In the edit-box "Add name" the name is entered with first the first name and then the family name so names are automatic sorted using the first names. If available the Job Title and  the company name must be entered as well as at least one phone number (preferably the mobile phone number) as the "My Contacts"-list is synchronized with your BETONIQ Smartphone. The address is not mandatory, but if it should be available it should also be entered in 2 or 3 lines (use Ctrl-Enter to add an address line). If a company website (URL) is known, then it can be entered using the "Add" button and using the "URL" menu-item that will be presented there. Especially when a contact is added, it is important to also use the "add a note" field to enter your name (the person who added this contact) and a short description why we've met this contact and what BETONIQ will possibly undertake together with the contact. Should a picture of the face of the person be available, it should be added using the "Add a picture" link in the picture area. [PICTURE] It is important to type in the "Add a note" area one or more of the groups the contact should be connected to if the contact would be shared with other BETONIQ colleagues. You can choose from groups 1-4 of the following list (item 5 can only be added by the HRM department): 1. Clients (buyers or tenants)  2. Suppliers (of material or advisers like architects, lawyers and accountants) 3. Investors (project-partners, investors in the company or in projects)  4. Government (city planning, building permits office)  5. BETONIQ Personnel How to share a Contact Record (how to export and send a .csv file) : Once all data is entered, the record of the contact could be shared with the other BETONIQ employees. The way to do this is to create a google.csv file of the contact and send that file to the Office Assistant. To create a google.csv file you have to select the "Export" item in the "More"-menu. [PICTURE] Then you check the "Selected contacts (1)" item and the "Google CSV format" as shown below: [PICTURE] After you press the blue "Export button", the .csv file is copied to the download directory of your computer. Just attach this .csv to an Email and send that to the Office Assistant who will check if the Contact record is unique and ok and if so, add it to the BETONIQ Shared Contacts directory. Depending on your Job description, you get access to one or more BETONIQ Shared Contacts directories: 1. Clients 2. Suppliers 3. Investors 4. Government 5. BETONIQ Personnel If you would like to have a contact of these directories synchronized in your Smartphone you will have to copy the data manually from the Shared Directory or request the Office Assistant to send you the regarding google.csv record (adding manually is faster!). Note that you are responsible for checking if the data on your Smartphone is up-to-date. The Shared Directories will always be the location where the records must be up-to-date as that is a task of the Office Assistant. So if you would see outdated info in these shared records, please inform the Office Assistant to change it (preferably by email). What are the Contact-groups used for? The purpose of adding contact and including them in one or more Contact-groups is that it enables BETONIQ to send specific information or products to groups of people and that records can be found efficiently by the BETONIQ Employees that have access to one or more of these specific groups.  Sending information to groups regards commercial, marketing or informational data and documents, for example: Commercial incentives like • Christmas cards or gifts; • New years wishes / gifts. • Birthday wishes / gifts; • Other events (marriage etcetera); Marketing purposes, communication like mail to: • Suppliers • Ministers • Clients • Partners • Overall Acquisition Informational purposes like: • Newsletter for certain groups; • New regulations; • New projects; • Market developments; Maintenance Management and maintaining the BETONIQ Contact List is done by the Marketing Manager and Sales Manager. They will get support from the Office Assistant  The Marketing Manager and Senior Sales Manager will check the contacts at random and discuss it during the Branding Assessment Meeting. These random checks should look at:  • Double contacts • Completeness of contacts  • Accuracy (up-to-date) of the information  • If the contact is added to the appropriate group  As all users of shared contacts directories can change or delete information in these directories, it is the task of the Office Assistant to make exports of the shared directories every week in case information gets lost. Getting contact information; When an employee seeks a specific address or a specific list of addresses but , he or she may submit a request by e-mail to the Office Assistant. The Office Assistant. will consult with the Marketing Manager or Sales Manager to determine whether information is shared. Restrictions The BETONIQ Organization uses the contacts facility of the Google Apps environment. This facility has some restrictions on sharing contacts. It is possible for a BETONIQ user to share his/her contacts with one or more other BETONIQ users. Sharing with Gmail users outside the BETONIQ users group, is not possible. The shared contacts appear in the contact page of Gmail as a separate Delegated group that also shows the name of the person that shared the contacts. It is not possible to drag or copy these contacts to the My Contacts group and so these contacts won't appear there. Further it is important to know that - once contacts are shared in this way - anyone that can see these contacts, can edit and delete them without the contact owner knowing that. It is possible to export contacts and import them again in the My Contacts list, but that would cause double contacts with all related integrity problems. The export-import workaround could be usable for mailing-actions. It is obvious that the shared contacts facility is still being developed by Google. The Quality Manager will follow any developments here so the BETONIQ contact management system gets improved. Positions and access to Shared Contact Groups Group  1-5: 1-5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 2,4,5: Position CEO en Board-members Factory Manager QA-QC Production Manager QA-QC Production Engineer Production Safety Engineer Production Safety Officer Production Trainer Production Surveyor Production Planner Production Supervisor Production Store Supervisor Production Security Officer Stockyard Supervisor Loading Foreman External Transport Supervisor Group 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 2,4,5: 1-5 1-5 2,4,5: 2,4,5: 1-5 Position Senior Project Manager QA-QC Project Manager QA-QC Project Timekeeper QA-QC Project Doc. Controller Project Safety Officer Project Trainer Project Surveyor Project Manager Erection Supervisor Senior MEP Engineer Senior Facility Manager Group 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 1-5 Position Finance Manager Company Lawyer Accountant Purchase Officer HR Manager HR Coordinator Office Assistant Senior Sales Manager Marketing Manager Real Estate Agent Event Promoter Design Manager Shared Contact Groups 1. Clients 2. Suppliers 3. Investors 4. Government 5. BETONIQ Personnel

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