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Wi01 Problem Registration

Below you find our Work Instructions. By reading these instructions, you will get a quick understanding how the BETONIQ Organization works.

Purpose The purpose of this work instruction is to give all BETONIQ Employers the possibility to register problems they experience in working with use of the Quality System. This enables the Quality Manager to get a good overview on the existing problems so he can create solutions for these problems in a proper way.

Instructions If you want to report a problem with the BETONIQ Quality System: click here to mail it to the Quality Manager.
The Quality Manager will register the pending problems below.
Solved problems will be removed here and will be registered on the Quality System Blog.

Pending Registered Problems:

Other items that need to be finished:
Go through the job descriptions as some jobs seem to be under- or over-staffed. Also the English language of some job descriptions could be improved.

- Install shared contacts directories (see Wi04 Relation Management)

Writing parts of the Quality System:

Writing parts of the Risk-Management System:
Checking: Employee Safety Program
Finishing company policy Employee Engagement Program
Finishing company policy BETONIQ Charm Program
Creating BETONIQ Administration
Creating BETONIQ Product Monitoring Program
Creating BETONIQ Security Program

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