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Todo list Writing parts of the Risk Management System: Per program of the Risk Management Policy the next issues have to be written: The organization's rationale for managing risk Links between the organization's objectives and policies and the risk management policy Accountability and responsibility for managing risk The way in which conflicting interests are dealt with Commitment to make the necessary resources available to assist those accountable and responsible for managing risk The way in which risk management performance will be measured and reported Commitment to review and improve the risk management policy and framework periodically and in response to an event or change in circumstances Plus text on how the risk management policy should be communicated appropriately. Improvements 23-07-2015: Layout improved (suitable for mobile phones), "BetoniQ" replaced by "BETONIQ". 20-10-2013: BETONIQ JV - Development Assessment Meeting added. 20-10-2013: BETONIQ JV - Branding Assessment Meeting added. 01-10-2013: BETONIQ Product Monitoring Program (BPMP) page (empty) added. 24-09-2013: Risk Management Policy finished. 23-09-2013: Employee Safety Program, Employee Engagement Program, BETONIQ Charm Program added. 14-09-2013: "The organization's rationale for managing risk" on page Risk Management Policy written. 06-09-2013: Page Risk Management Policy added. 06-09-2013: Page "Context of Organization" finished. 19-08-2013: Risk Management plus Risk Management Blog added to the Intranet.

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