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BETONIQ Charm Program

Rationale The BETONIQ Charm Program is created to deal with Social, Cultural and Political issues (risks). This program should improve and secure the Social, Cultural and Political goodwill of the BETONIQ Company by: Creating jobs in general. Being involved in social and cultural events. Improving situations of minorities like disabled and the position of women. Solving issues like housing shortage, infrastructural quality and environmental problems with waste management, water and sewage systems and solar energy. Getting the interest of foreign investors in the BETONIQ projects. Participating to get Pension- and Mortgage schemes in place to accelerate sales of BETONIQ products. Besides the positive PR effect of this program, it also should help getting potential buyers not to begrudge BETONIQ's success what should improve sales results. Helping solving political issues (like housing shortages) should also improve the cooperation with the government, for example to get building permits easier. Links The organizations objective is creating a sustainable company with focus op profit optimization. To maintain being a profitable organization for a long period the companies goodwill is very important. To achieve this the BETONIQ Charm Program is created. Responsible All higher staff is accountable and responsible for implementing the BETONIQ Charm Program so risk of losing goodwill will be reduced. Conflicts There is a potential conflict with other internal investments that could be more lucrative in the short term. And when the BETONIQ JV chooses to go for goodwill investments it could happen that focus will be diverted from the real business: the production of projects. Resources Resources will be created on a project base. This means that every BETONIQ Charm Initiative will have to be budgeted and has to be approved by the Executive Board before executing. In the yearly evaluation of the Executive Board a global financial estimate will be given for this program and some main initiatives will be defined. Measuring The Finance & Legal Affairs department will account costs and the Senior Sales Manager and Marketing Manager will measure the effects of the program on the Employees Engagement. Improvement In the BETONIQ JV - Executive Board Meeting and in the BETONIQ JV - Branding Assessment Meeting the the risk management policy and framework regarding the BETONIQ Charm Program are periodically reviewed and improved. Reports In the Quality System is described how new policies/appointments of the BETONIQ JV - Executive Board Meeting and the BETONIQ JV - Branding Assessment Meeting are communicated. todo: text of the program.

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