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Employee Engagement Program

BETONIQ wants to be an important provider for local employment. To establish this and to continue securing the jobs of local employees, BETONIQ created this program. This program will use pension schemes to help employees acquiring homes but will also anticipate on cultural aspects by being flexible regarding family events and local or national cultural events. Rationale Only with local employees a long lasting relationship can be secured because the employees are not tied to families abroad. The employees can also show their local friends and families the projects they have been proudly working on. Besides that this would give employees an extra boost to work motivated, keeping employees for long periods is important because know-how stays and gets spread in the company instead of having to find and train new employees over and over again. Links (Links between the organization's objectives and policies and the risk management policy) The objective of the company is to build high quality houses in a very efficient en thus affordable way. Without having employees being really engaged to achieve this, chances are high that these goals are not achieved. Responsible All higher staff is accountable and responsible for implementing the Employee Engagement Program so risk of under-performing and leaves will be reduced. Conflicts There is a potential conflict with regular sales that could be more lucrative in the short term. And when the BETONIQ JV chooses to go for external sales, it could happen that there are not enough houses available for the BETONIQ Employees, or resources could get limited that some of the Employee Engagement appointments can't be realized by the BETONIQ JV in time. Because of that engagement could drop very fast to give the opposite effect with employees getting very frustrated and demotivated. Resources It is clear that there must be a very clear assessment of the costs for this program. This will be a repeating item on the BETONIQ board meeting and in the HR & Administration meetings where the budget for this program has to be determined and assessed. Measuring The Finance & Legal Affairs department will account costs and the HR & Administration will measure the effects of the program on the Employees Engagement. Improvement In the BETONIQ board meeting and in the HR & Administration meetings the the risk management policy and framework regarding the Employee Engagement Program are periodically reviewed and improved. Reports In the Quality System is described how the BETONIQ board meeting and in the HR & Administration meetings are communicated. todo: text of the program.

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