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Employee Safety Program (HSE)

Rationale As every employee is important as a provider for family and the community there is a lot at stake and it is obvious that Employee Safety is very important. Besides that also for the optimization of production and also the goodwill of the company it is obvious that it is important to keep the employees safe. BETONIQ simply doesn't want to see anyone getting hurt. Links The links between the organization's objectives and policies and this Employees Safety Program are: The social responsibility and goodwill of the company as described in the BETONIQ Charm Program and the quality and efficiency of the company as described in the BETONIQ Quality System. Responsible The Executive Board is overall responsible for the Employees Safety, but direct responsible are the Production Safety Engineer, Production Safety Officers, Senior Project Safety Officer, Project Safety Officers and their superiors and the HR Manager. Conflicts Spending resources on other items the product itself, could cause other potential risks (like not being able to get a competing price) to increase. Also internally could the work-satisfaction of employees to drop because they don't want to be restricted by safety rules. By looking accurate at safety costs and by evaluating the safety program with all employees (by the responsible persons for this program as listed above), potential conflicts should be prevented. Resources In the BETONIQ JV Organization Chart can be found how many employees will be dedicated the the Safety of employees in the factory and on the project sites. Besides that, the described safety material (like helmets, fire prevention equipment and safety shoes) will be provided by the BETONIQ JV. Measuring On several locations in the Employee Safety Program (HSE) is described how which risk management performance will be measured and reported. Improvement On several locations in the Employee Safety Program (HSE) and in the BETONIQ Quality System is described how the risk management policy and framework will be improved periodically and in response to an event or change in circumstances. The commitment to these appointments is also described in these two systems. Reports On several locations in the Employee Safety Program (HSE) and in the BETONIQ Quality System is described how the policy, events and improvements regarding Employee Safety are communicated. INTRODUCTION The purpose of the Safety Handbook is to describe BETONIQ and its sub-contractors safety related activities (also referred to as: Health, Safety and Environment HSE) that are to be implemented in the factory and its construction sites. This Safety Handbook represents the plan for performing work safely, protecting personnel, property and equipment. Each employee on the factory/site is responsible for his own safety and the people around them. It is therefore of paramount importance that each employee of BETONIQ understands all the safety rules and regulations, specifically concerned with the work they perform. BETONIQ adopts and promotes the ZERO ACCIDENT POLICY. Our fundamental objective is to complete the Projects (from production, handling, transportation and erection) with ZERO ACCIDENTS. Through effective application of the procedure set forth in this handbook. It is achieved by integrating safety into the planning and execution of work, training and education of employees and proper supervision of the works. BETONIQ is totally committed to a policy of prevention, elimination of events that could result in loss/damage to personnel, property or equipment. All factory/site personnel, sub-contractors and all third parties possibly on site/factory are briefed with the with the rules and regulations listed in this handbook via a series of inductions. Disciplinary action will be taken if any person or persons are found to be in contravention of any health, safety or environmental aspects/policy. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all danger to health and safety to personnel working for BETONIQ. This Employee Safety Program handbook is intended to compliment the existing statutory regulations of GHANA TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety & Health Policy Statement Safety Organization Safety Training In-house Safety Rules Safety Inspections Job Hazard Analysis Accident / Incident Investigation Project Rules and Regulations Safety Promotion Health Assurance Plan Process Control Program Traffic Control Management Fire Prevention and Equipment Safety Operation on Work Sites Emergency Plan Environment Management Plan SAFETY FORMS Health and Safety Observation Report Tool Box Briefing Incident Near Miss Report Accident Report Infringement Report Training Record New Employee Induction Record Labour Camp Check-list Monthly Fire Extinguisher Check-list Vehicle And Equipment Check-list

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