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BETONIQ uses many templates for various purposes. Standardized documents are beneficial because items can easier be found, it helps preventing items being overlooked, it avoids people waisting time on making a nice layouts and it forces people to focus on only the items that are important. Several templates for contracts are being screened by professionals like lawyers and engineers. The general rule is that - if there is a form availabel, this form must be used as a template. If the form has shortcomings, you can go to Pr4 Problem Registration to leave your comments.

BETONIQ uses the following forms:

Fo01 Acquisition Budget Application
Fo02 Project Budget Application
Fo03 Additional Budget Application
Fo04 Project Schedule
Fo05 Project Evaluation
Fo06 Internal Project Transfer
Fo07 Meeting Minutes
Fo11 Delivery Statement and Checklist
Fo12 Intention Agreement Municipality – BETONIQ
Fo13 Architect Agreement
Fo14 General Conditions
Fo15 Construction Agreement
Fo16 Bank Guarantee
Fo17 Concern Guarantee
Fo18 Land Purchase Agreement
Fo19 Overview Additional Work
Fo20 Sale Agreement Apartment

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