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Pr3 Internal Evaluation

In this procedure is described how the BETONIQ organization controls and improves the quality and the progression of the internal processes (Acquisition - Development - Production - Sales), the products, the employers and the necessary means. Also is described how the evaluation of this Quality System works. This procedure exist of several returning meetings or checks that are being described globally even as the involved persons, frequencies and agendas. To see this more in detail, go to Internal Meetings and Assessment or Meetings.

The follow up of Internal Evaluations
Problems that popup during the different internal evaluations (problems regarding the way the BETONIQ organization functions, problems regarding how the Quality System functions and important problems in projects or products that affect several persons in the BETONIQ organization) are registered using Pr4 Problem Registration. Who and how the Quality System can be adjusted is described in Pr5 System Control and Improvement. Changes are logged in the Quality System Blog.


Below are the different agendas for internal evaluation. In the agendas it is made clear when and how often these meetings take place. It is the responsibility of all BETONIQ personnel to make sure these evaluations take place and follow the agendas:
Responsible: All BETONIQ Employees

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