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§5 Management Responsibility

§5.1 Management Commitment
Management commitment to quality management is ensured by an executive manager that fulfils the role of Quality Manager In this way all relevant quality issues are discussed at board level and implemented there.

§5.2 Customer Focus
Customer focus is shown by the level of compliance with the requirements and needs of our customers. All companies and departments within the BETONIQ Organization must distinguish between external customers and internal customers. The wishes and demands of external clients or customers are subject to agreements. The agreements with internal customers (other BETONIQ entities) are based on their IP-Agreements with BETONIQ Factories Ltd..

Once the agreement is signed with an external customer, the customer satisfaction is followed by the appointed Project Manager and reported in project reviews that are set up together with the external customer. The internal customer satisfaction is monitored in the meetings of the General Manager of the BETONIQ Entities and the Design Manager of BETONIQ Factories Ltd..

§5.3 Quality Policy
The clients of BETONIQ make no formal requirements on the administrative quality of the BETONIQ organization. A certified quality management system based on ISO 9000 standards is therefore not explicitly requested.

Within the activities of BETONIQ, the communication lines between the disciplines are important. BETONIQ tries to function with as much as possible capable, self-employed people. The recruitment is therefore specially tuned. Each BETONIQ Entity has two Training Departments: Production Training and Project Training. Next to that, the training is focused on the internal supervision of less experienced people from the more experienced people. Training and guidance is a standing item on the various internal meetings. Managerial staff is expected to following relevant courses, seminars, courses, etcetera. As far as work permits, employees will have time to attend these courses. For the less experienced, less qualified staff BETONIQ will use specialized internal coaches. Recruitment is described in Wi09 Recruitment.

Management Review and Quality Plans
The quality policy is so prepared and executed, that it is consistent with the purpose of the business and enterprise. This means that if enterprise policy must be adapted to shift in the market, new trends, etcetera, the quality system should be adapted to this. In determining the changes in the quality system the company policy must be held in mind at all times. In addition, the quality system must meet the requirements of customers. To achieve the quality system to be evaluated, a number of measurable objectives are needed. These are recorded in an Annual Quality Plan. BETONIQ Factories Ltd. (Annual Strategies) and all BETONIQ Entities (Annual Strategies) create Annual Strategies. In each of thes Annual Strategies, The Annual Quality Plan is included. These Annual Quality Plans are reviewed annually by the management (management review) and if necessary revised. Realization of the Annual Quality Plan and the effectiveness of the quality management system are tested monthly so that continuous improvement in quality occurs. In an internal meeting in October, the company's policy for the coming year will be presented to the staff of BETONIQ. In January, the outcome of the quality goals of the Annual Quality Plan previous year will be discussed by the Board of Directors of the factories which will result in a new Annual Quality Plan. The review of the Annual Quality Plan of the Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. will be used as input. That is the formal management review. This assessment and the new plans are then presented in an internal meetings with employees of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and the BETONIQ Entities.

§5.4 Schedule
Quality objectives are set annually and adjusted during the management review. In the Annual Quality Plan, the measurable goals will be set together with the planned activities for its realization.

§5.4.1 Quality Objectives
The quality objectives and how quality objectives are to be achieved are set out in the Annual Quality Plan. The Annual Quality Plan will also show how the achievement of quality objectives is controlled.

Annual Quality Plans are prepared per separate BETONIQ entity. In the relevant customer agreements must be made clear what they can expect from the quality system.

§5.4.2 Planning of the Quality System
The achievement of quality objectives will be specified in the beginning of each year in the Annual Quality Plan. The Quality Manager and the directors are responsible for managing the quality system and must ensure that the necessary actions to achieve the Annual Quality Plan are planned and effectively implemented.

§5.5 Responsibility, Authority and Communication

§5.5.1 Responsibility and Authority
The organizational structure of the entire BETONIQ organization is shown in the BETONIQ Organization Chart. The Persons and their assignments are shown in BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and on the company pages of the Holdings, Factories, Real Estate Management, and Other company pages. All employees hold basically one function in the BETONIQ Organization structure. The job descriptions, responsibilities and authority and the persons occupying positions which have been developed are also specified there.

§5.5.2 Management Representative
The Quality Manager is part of the Board of Directors and can therefore be regarded as a management representative. The management representative has the responsibility and authority:
  • to ensure that a quality system is designed implemented and maintained (most consistent with the ISO 9001:2000 standard).
  • to report the Board of Directors and Board of Directors of the factories about the functioning of the quality system to get the Quality System improved constantly.
  • to improve the system based on customer-oriented thoughts and to promote the organization.

§5.5.3 Internal Communication
Formal internal communication is established in Wi02 Internal Meetings and Assessments. Of course there will be also ongoing informal communication on current issues.

§5.6 Management Review

§5.6.1 General
The Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and Board of Directors of the factories assesses whether the goals of quality realized by the procedure Pr5 System Control and Improvement. The various assessments form the basis for the preparation of measures for improvement and the actual realization of the improvement measures and their review. Based on this assessment by management the quality system will be constantly be adjusted. The assessment procedure is registered under Pr4 Problem Registration.

§5.6.2 Input
Input to the management review consists of:
  • Delivery performance,
  • Production performance,
  • The functioning of the system and improvement,
  • Input on customer satisfaction,
  • New developments,
  • Assessment management reviews,
  • Business policy adjustment.

§5.6.3 Output
The output of the Annual Plan Review Meeting reviews is recorded in minutes of the Annual Strategy Meeting of the Board of Directors of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and in the Annual Strategy Meeting of the Board of Directors of the factories, and consists of:
  • New or upgraded quality objectives,
  • Annual Quality Plan,
  • Improvements (aimed at increasing customer satisfaction),
  • Identification of resource requirements.

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