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§4.2.3 Control of Documentation

Production consists of buildings, precast concrete, reinforcements and documents. The BETONIQ JV is however the most important purchaser of the products and can therefore be seen as focal point for the quality of the products. Controlling the documents thus directly related to (purchase and sales contracts, lists of requirements, construction reports, correspondence, delivery reports and documents for transfer, etcetera) is very important. All relevant documents can be located using the different procedures and work instructions. This applies to both the quality management system documents as the key project documents. In §4.2.1 General Documents is indicated which documents can be distinguished. The work instruction Wi03 Document Management shows how the physical and electronic storage of documents and files is organized and guaranteed. In exceptional cases it happens that external documents in original form must be stored in the BETONIQ organization. Because this rarely occurs (except to approve the invoices for which the work instruction Wi08 Budget Management and Contracts exist) this is not a separate instruction set. The rule states that the recipient of original documents is responsible for preserving and possible return.

Quality documents with quality procedures, work instructions and format documents can be found using the computer in locations described in Wi03 Document Management. The hard copy of the quality manual is available for inspection by the Quality Manager. Incoming and outgoing documents are using Wi05 Correspondence settled.

Adjustments, approvals and publishing of new quality documents will be executed using the procedure Pr5 System Control and Improvement.

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