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§4.2.1 General Documents

The quality system of the BETONIQ organization is described in this Quality System manual. By the setup of this manual this system applies to the appointments of the Dutch standard classification NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000. This manual will refer to documents that are used in the organization. These documents are identified with the next indexation:

a. Procedures
Pr1 Acquisition, Development and Sales
Pr2 Production
Pr3 Internal Evaluation
Pr4 Problem Registration
Pr5 System Control and Improvement

b. Working instructions
Wi01 Problem Registration
Wi02 Internal Meetings and Assessments
Wi03 Document Management
Wi04 Relation Management
Wi05 Communication
Wi06 Correspondence
Wi07 Registration Project + Acquisition Information
Wi08 Budget Management and Contracts
Wi09 Recruitment
Wi10 Product Development
Wi11 Owners Associations

c. Format documents (templates)
Fo01 Acquisition Budget Application
Fo02 Project Budget Application
Fo03 Additional Budget Application
Fo04 Project Schedule
Fo05 Project Evaluation
Fo06 Internal Project Transfer
Fo07 Meeting Minutes
Fo11 Delivery Statement and Checklist
Fo12 Intention Agreement Municipality – BETONIQ
Fo13 Architect Agreement
Fo14 General Conditions
Fo15 Construction Agreement
Fo16 Bank Guarantee
Fo17 Concern Guarantee
Fo18 Land Purchase Agreement
Fo19 Overview Additional Work
Fo20 Sale Agreement Apartment

d. Overviews
Ov01 Persons and Assignments
Ov02 Annual Quality Plans
Ov03 Acquisition Lists
Ov04 Project Lists

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