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§4.1 General Demands

The quality management system consists of documentation at different levels. In the following paragraphs is explained how the quality documents have been set up.

Because the projects are very diverse, it is not possible to describe the company processes per project type. To create a more generic description it’s decided to split the business into two levels. The first level is the "Acquisition, development and Sales Process", the second level is the "Production Process".

This quality system has a total of five distinct procedures:
Pr1 Acquisition, Development and Sales
Pr2 Production
Pr3 Internal Evaluation
Pr4 Problem Registration
Pr5 System Control and Improvement

Procedures Pr1 Acquisition, Development and Sales and Pr2 Production are fully applicable to every project. In the procedure Pr3 Internal Evaluation describes how projects and internal processes are tested. Structural problems are under Pr4 Problem Registration to be registered. How the improvement must be applied is described in Pr5 System Control and Improvement.

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