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§2 Scope

In the statues of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. the next objects of the company are described:
  1. To own, operate, develop, manufacture, trade and/or provide services in the fields of construction, industry, commercial and residential real-estate, concrete pre fabrication, and related fields such as engineering, architecture, design, marketing, financing and holding, as well as any other activities structural or incidental to or supportive to the aforementioned fields of activities;
  2. To establish and acquire, participate in, cooperate with, manage and finance (or cause to be financed) other enterprises in any legal form whatever worldwide;
  3. To invest assets in stocks, real estate, debts and other goods as well as to acquire, manage and finance these assets;
  4. To provide and enter into loans of money, to manage and dispose of registered property and to furnish security, including security for the debts of other parties;
  5. To perform all other activities which are connected with or conducive to the above in the broadest sense of the word.

Within the scope of its fields of activities the company shall seek to create value along its corporate goals of economic performance, environmental quality and social responsibility. The Quality System applies to all companies that are part of BETONIQ organization.

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