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§1 Introduction

BETONIQ Factories Ltd. is incorporated on December 11th, 2012. Because the financing of the first factory is expected to be established around November 2019, the organization will expand rapidly from that moment. To control and manage this growth of BETONIQ Factories Ltd. and its affiliated companies, this Quality System has been set up.

By describing the processes and making the output of the processes measurable, a system of controlling and specific improvement of the BETONIQ organization is created. This quality management system is based on the Dutch standard classification NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000.

This Quality System serves to give insight in the structure of the company, the company processes, how employees work and how these processes and the growth of the company is being controlled.

The Quality System Manual holds the 8 required paragraphs with sub-paragraphs:
§1 Introduction
§2 Scope
§3 Terms and Definitions
§4.1 General Demands
§4.2.1 General Documents
§4.2.2 Quality System Manual
§4.2.3 Control of Documentation
§4.2.4 Control of Registrations
§5 Management Responsibility
§6 Management of Resources
§7 Product Realization
§8 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

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