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BETONIQ Quality System

The Quality System serves to give insight in the structure of the company, the company processes, how employees work and how these processes and the growth of the company is being controlled. In the Quality System all internal rules can be found that are used to secure and constantly improve the quality of the BETONIQ products and company processes.

The Quality System Manual holds the 8 required paragraphs with sub-paragraphs:
§1 Introduction
§2 Scope
§3 Terms and Definitions
§4.1 General Demands
§4.2.1 General Documents
§4.2.2 Quality System Manual
§4.2.3 Control of Documentation
§4.2.4 Control of Registrations
§5 Management Responsibility
§6 Management of Resources
§7 Product Realization
§8 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

The main Procedures BETONIQ uses are:
Pr1 Acquisition, Development and Sales
Pr2 Production
Pr3 Internal Evaluation
Pr4 Problem Registration
Pr5 System Control and Improvement

An overview of all documents BETONIQ uses in the Quality System is listed in:
§4.2.1 General Documents

If you want to report a problem with the BETONIQ Quality System: click here to mail it to the Quality Manager. The Quality Manager will register all pending and solved problems in the Quality System Blog.

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